Beaches, Sightseeing and Activities
Apartments "Christina"
Antiparos, Greece
Beaches, Sightseeing and Activities


Ø       CRUISES - Make the island's round trip with a traditional boat. The boat makes many stops at empty beaches and islets for swimming and fun. It is mostly a whole day trip, and lunch is also provided. 

Ø       DAILY EXCURSIONS to Mykonos and Santorini – boats pick up passengers from Punda. Tickets are sold from the local travel agents

Ø       WINDSURFING and KITESURFING -  available in Paros, very close to the Punda port. The surf club is  10 minutes with the local ferry and 10 minutes walk.

Ø        Rent a small boat and visit deserted beaches.

Ø       SCUBA DIVING – there are diving schools in both Antiparos and Punda port that offer PADI lessons and certificates and organise underwater excursions in places of special diving interest.

Ø       Visit Antiparo's famous cave with its magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Throughout history, people used it as a refuge until they started building houses, and later on as a place of worship. It dates  back to the Stone Age and findings of archeological interest have been discovered there.  

Ø       Rent a car, a moppet or a bicycle and explore the island.



There are at least 5 beaches that can be reached on foot from  Antiparos Town.

There are 2 beaches called Psaraliki 1 & 2, with trees growing close to the beach that provide shade. Both of them are 2 minutes walk from the town.You will also find beach bars offering coffees, drinks, food and music.

Past the Psaraliki beaches and 10 minutes walking from the village, you will find Panagia sandy beach which is less crowded. Close to the beach, it is also the  "Perigiali tavern" well known for its quality food.

One minute walk from the village, a beach with trees and very shallow waters.

10 minutes walking from town you will find the camping beach. In fact they are two beaches with some rock formations in between. One of the few official nudist beaches in Greece since the 70's. Turquoise waters and an islet 200meters away to walk on and enjoy several empty beaches.

This beach is on the north side of the village 5 minutes walking distance from the centre of the town. 
One of the few beaches where you can play with the big waves as it is exposed to winds from the north and west. There are 2 restaurants / bars very close, a great location to watch the sunset.

A few kilometers away from the town, there are much more beaches to choose from,

SOROS & St. GIORGIO BEACHES, LIVADIA and GLYFA beaches, some semi deserted and ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sea.